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Are Women More Likely To Get Dementia Than Men?

Eldercare Advice Dementia and Women

There have been a lot of headlines lately proclaiming that women are at a higher risk for dementia than men. However, before you start looking at Mom in a panic, let’s take the time to look at what the science actually says. In the research that everyone’s talking about, one important detail is often left… Continue Reading »

Who’s Going To Pay For Mom & Dad? Talking to Your Siblings

Eldercare Advice finances

For Darla M., who lives with and cares for her 78 year old mother Anne, the Godiva chocolates were the last straw. “My brother Paul shows up once every couple of months to say “Hi!” to Mom. He brings her these expensive chocolates – that she’s not even supposed to eat! – and stays for… Continue Reading »

Why OTC Allergy Medicine Might Be The Worst Choice for Your Aging Parents

eldercare advice for allergy season

It seems like we’ve gone directly from the never-ending winter into allergy season. Many of the most common environmental triggers, including pollen and dust, become much more prevalent in the spring. If you see your aging parents struggling with a runny nose or watery eyes, your first instinct may be to give them some of… Continue Reading »

Caregiver Notes: Keeping Spring Celebrations Fun For The Whole Family

Eldercare Advice for Families on Easter

This post is for the members of the Sandwich Generation out there. If you’re caring for your senior as well as your children (and sometimes grandchildren!), this is for you. Easter and Passover are coming up quickly. Here’s how to keep the holiday fun for everyone: Plan Ahead – Realistically We want to do it… Continue Reading »