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Does Your Aging Parent Have Diabetes? Why You May Want To Have Them Screened For Depression

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If you’re caring for your senior or aging parents, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on with their health. For many seniors, that means diabetes. Nearly 26% – more than 1 in every 4! – of all seniors have diabetes. Diabetes has a significant and direct impact on how long,… Continue Reading »

Does Grandma Have Heat Stroke? Summer Safety for Seniors

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Summer is a beautiful season, but the high temperatures and strong sun can pose a peril to your aging parents. Seniors are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat stroke than younger people. This predilection is due to several factors, including chronic health conditions, prescription medications, and the fact that seniors, like the rest of… Continue Reading »

Finding the Right Living Situation for the Independent Senior

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AARP, the nation’s most trusted resource on senior living issues, has just announced it’s making a major legislative push to enable more seniors to live independently at home. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important is the overwhelming desire most seniors have to continue living in the communities they’ve called home… Continue Reading »

Do I Really Need A Professional Aide to Help My Aging Mother?

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“This is ridiculous,” Tammy said, looking up from the eldercare website she’d been perusing. “Mom just needs someone to spend some time with her each day, making sure she eats her lunch and is getting around okay. Why should I pay $40 an hour – or even more! – for that? There’s so many people… Continue Reading »