aurora on france vibrant senior living and care

Aurora is a vibrant senior living and care community located in France. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment where seniors can enjoy their retirement years. We offer a wide range of services from independent living to assisted living, as well as specialized memory care and nursing home care. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that each resident has the best quality of life possible. We also pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our residents, giving them an opportunity to make new friends and engage in social activities that keep them active and engaged. From our delicious meals prepared by our chefs, to our on-site fitness center and activity programs, Aurora provides an enjoyable lifestyle for all its residents.Aurora on France is a vibrant senior living and care community located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This unique community offers a welcoming and secure environment for seniors to live their lives to the fullest. Our residents enjoy an array of amenities including a fitness center, swimming pool, restaurant, library, beauty salon and more. We also offer a variety of activities designed to engage our residents with one another and with the greater Minneapolis area. With our 24-hour onsite staff, we provide compassionate care that includes health monitoring, medication assistance, housekeeping services and more. Aurora on France is the perfect place for seniors to stay active, connected and engaged in life.

Features of Aurora on France Senior Living and Care

Aurora on France Senior Living and Care is committed to providing its residents with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living environment. The facility offers a range of services and amenities including 24/7 nursing staff, personalized care plans, an activities center, meals prepared by chefs, weekly housekeeping services, transportation services, laundry services, and social activities. Each resident is provided with a private room and all rooms are equipped with basic amenities such as a bedside table, dresser, television with cable access, phone line for incoming calls only, and internet access. Additionally, each room also comes equipped with an emergency call system for added peace of mind.

Residents can also take advantage of the facility’s many recreational activities. These include art classes, outdoor activities such as gardening or walking paths in the nearby park area, fitness classes such as yoga or tai chi classes that can help to improve balance and strength for seniors who may be more prone to falls. There are also movie nights that feature classic films from the golden era of Hollywood as well as contemporary movies that are sure to entertain all ages. Social events such as game nights allow residents to interact with one another in a safe environment.

For those who require additional medical care beyond what is offered at Aurora on France Senior Living and Care, the facility has its own medical clinic staffed by experienced doctors and nurses. The clinic offers preventative care screenings such as blood pressure checks and cholesterol tests as well as other treatments for illnesses or injuries that may arise during a stay at the facility. The clinic also provides referrals to specialists in the community if needed.

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At Aurora on France Senior Living and Care we understand that each individual has different needs and wants when it comes to their living situation. We strive to provide an environment that is safe yet allows our residents to enjoy their golden years in comfort while receiving the best possible care available.

Excellent Climate

France has a mild climate, ideal for seniors who wish to remain in the outdoors. The summers are generally warm and sunny, while the winters are cool and mild. This means that seniors living in France can enjoy a comfortable outdoor environment year-round. Additionally, France is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, allowing seniors to take advantage of natural beauty while still enjoying a comfortable climate.

Access to Quality Healthcare

France has some of the best healthcare systems in the world. Seniors living in France will have access to quality medical care from experienced doctors and nurses, as well as access to advanced medical technology. France also offers a wide range of health services for seniors, including long-term care and home health services. This ensures that seniors can get the care they need when they need it.

Affordable Cost of Living

Seniors living in France can benefit from a low cost of living compared to other European countries. Housing costs are particularly low in certain areas, making it easier for seniors on fixed incomes to find affordable housing options. Additionally, food costs are also relatively inexpensive compared to other European countries, allowing seniors on tight budgets to get more bang for their buck.

Cultural Activities and Attractions

France is home to countless cultural attractions and activities that make it an ideal destination for senior living and care. From historic sites and museums to art galleries and theaters, there is something for every senior here. Additionally, many cities offer outdoor activities such as walking tours or cycling routes that allow seniors to explore their surroundings without having to leave their homes.

High-Quality Senior Living Facilities

Aurora offers high-quality senior living facilities throughout France. Our facilities provide seniors with comfortable accommodations along with access to modern amenities such as high-speed internet, cable television, and more. In addition, our staff are highly trained professionals who have experience working with seniors and providing them with the care they need.


Aurora on France offers a wide variety of activities for its guests. From outdoor pursuits to relaxing spa treatments, there’s something for everyone at Aurora. Guests can enjoy a range of activities such as swimming, golfing, tennis, cycling and fishing. The resort also boasts an array of watersports including kayaking, sailing and jet skiing. For those looking for a more leisurely pursuit, the resort offers yoga classes and nature walks.


Aurora on France offers guests a range of amenities to make their stay even more enjoyable. The resort is equipped with an indoor pool and hot tub as well as a fully-equipped fitness center. There is also an on-site restaurant offering a selection of international cuisine. The resort also has a bar and lounge area where guests can relax and unwind after a day exploring the area. For business travelers, the resort has meeting rooms and conference facilities available to hire.

The resort also offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the grounds allowing guests to stay connected while they explore the area. Aurora on France is dedicated to providing its guests with an unforgettable holiday experience that will leave them wanting more!

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Socialization Opportunities at Aurora on France

Aurora on France is a luxury resort located in the heart of the French Alps. It offers a variety of activities and services to its guests, including socialization opportunities. Guests can take part in a range of social activities, such as meeting new people, learning new skills, and participating in outdoor activities.

There are also special events hosted by Aurora on France throughout the year, such as wine tastings, cooking classes, and live music performances. Guests can take advantage of these activities to meet new people and learn about French culture and cuisine. The resort also offers group tours to explore the surrounding area and learn more about the local culture.

The resort also provides a variety of socializing opportunities for children. Children can enjoy pool parties, game nights, and arts and crafts projects. The resort also organizes special events for children throughout the year such as movie nights and family dinners.

At Aurora on France guests can find plenty of ways to make friends and stay connected with their loved ones during their stay at the resort. There are many opportunities for guests to network with each other through activities such as book club meetings or game nights.

Aurora on France provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its guests with plenty of socializing opportunities available throughout their stay. Guests can take advantage of these activities to meet new people, learn new skills, explore the local area, or simply relax in style with friends or family members.

Health Services and Support Available at Aurora on France

Aurora on France is committed to providing comprehensive and quality health services to its patients. The clinic offers a wide range of services from general medical care to specialized procedures. Here, patients can get help with preventive healthcare, diagnostics, regular checkups, vaccinations and treatments for common illnesses and diseases. In addition to providing healthcare services, Aurora on France also offers a variety of support services such as counseling, emotional support and referrals for further medical assistance.

The clinic provides a variety of medical treatments for children, adults and seniors. For children, there are pediatricians who provide comprehensive care including immunizations, physical examinations and developmental assessments. Adults can benefit from the expertise of family physicians who provide preventative care such as physicals and screenings as well as management of chronic conditions. Seniors can also get the care they need from geriatric physicians who specialize in the care of older adults.

Aurora on France also has an array of specialty clinics available for those with specific medical needs. These include cardiology clinics that specialize in heart health; endocrinology clinics that focus on hormone disorders; neurology clinics that treat neurological conditions; and urology clinics that provide treatment for urinary issues. Patients can also access mental health services such as individual therapy sessions or group counseling sessions.

At Aurora on France, patients receive quality healthcare in a comfortable environment with compassionate staff members who are knowledgeable about their condition and treatments available. The clinic strives to make sure that each patient receives the best possible outcome from their treatment plan. With its wide range of services, Aurora on France is dedicated to helping its patients lead healthier lives through proactive healthcare management.

Aurora on France Dining Options

Aurora on France offers an array of delicious dining options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a casual bite to eat, or something more upscale, Aurora on France has it all. From classic Italian to contemporary American and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. For those who prefer a more intimate dining experience, there are several private dining rooms available for reservation.

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The restaurant also offers a variety of daily specials, from fresh seafood dishes to classic comfort food favorites. In addition, the bar offers a wide selection of craft beers and wines so you can enjoy your meal with a refreshing beverage. If you’re looking for something lighter, the menu also features an array of salads and light fare options.

For breakfast and brunch lovers, Aurora on France serves up delicious egg dishes, pancakes and waffles as well as traditional breakfast staples like omelets and French toast. You can also enjoy freshly brewed coffees and specialty drinks to start off your day right. With so many tasty options to choose from, you won’t be disappointed when you dine at Aurora on France.

Transportation Services for Seniors at Aurora on France

Aurora on France is proud to offer transportation services for seniors in the local area. Our drivers are trained and certified to provide safe and reliable transportation to seniors to and from medical appointments, shopping trips, errands, recreational activities, or any other destination. We understand the importance of providing reliable transportation for our elderly citizens, and we strive to provide the highest quality of service.

Our friendly drivers are always courteous, respectful, and understanding when providing services for our seniors. We also ensure that our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained for safety and reliability. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our elderly citizens have access to safe and dependable transportation in order to help them maintain their independence.

We offer a variety of transportation services depending on the individual needs of each senior citizen. Our staff will work closely with you to determine which type of service best fits your needs. Whether you need a one-time ride or regular rides for medical appointments or errands, we have a service that is perfect for you.

At Aurora on France, we take pride in providing top-notch transportation services for seniors in our community. We understand the importance of helping seniors remain independent while ensuring they can get where they need to go safely and securely. If you would like more information about our services or if you would like to schedule a ride, please contact us today!


Aurora France provides a vibrant senior living and care, creating the perfect balance between independence and support. With its dedicated staff, excellent facilities, and wide range of activities, Aurora France is a community that seniors can truly call home. It is a place where they can enjoy their golden years in comfort and with dignity. Aurora France is dedicated to providing exceptional care to its residents in an environment that celebrates the joys of life.

Aurora France strives to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding that puts the needs of its senior residents first. Its goal is to give seniors access to the highest quality care while providing them with the opportunity to explore their interests in a safe and supportive environment. Aurora France has become one of the most sought-after senior living communities in France due to its commitment to excellence and dedication to providing top-notch care for its residents.

Aurora France offers a unique approach for seniors seeking an active lifestyle filled with opportunities for growth and exploration. With its vibrant atmosphere, engaging activities, and caring staff, Aurora France provides residents with an environment that celebrates life while promoting health and well-being. Whether you are looking for independent or assisted living options, Aurora France has something for everyone.