gifts for teenage tomboys

Gifting a teenage tomboy can be a difficult task. It can be hard to find the right gift that is both stylish and practical. Luckily, there are plenty of great gifts out there that cater to the tastes of teenage tomboys. From functional accessories to cool clothing items, there’s something out there for every tomboy in your life. Whether you’re looking for a birthday present or just something special to show your appreciation, these gift ideas will help you find the perfect present for your teenage tomboy.Gifts for teenage tomboys who love adventure are sure to be a hit! A great gift idea would be a multi-tool, which is perfect for any outdoor activity. Another option would be an outdoor activity package, such as a camping or hiking set with all the essentials. If your teen loves the water, consider a kayak or paddleboard. For those who prefer to stay on land, look into tickets to an amusement park or trampoline park. Other fun gifts include climbing gear such as rope and carabiners, binoculars for wildlife spotting, and outdoor games like horseshoes and volleyball. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make your teen’s adventurous spirit soar!

Outdoor Gifts for Tomboy Teens

Tomboy teens typically enjoy activities that involve the outdoors. Whether it’s a day at the beach, camping in the woods, or just hanging out with friends, outdoor gifts such as backpacks, sleeping bags, and hiking boots are great options for tomboy teens.

Backpacks can be used to store snacks and drinks when going on hikes or camping trips. Make sure to get one that is waterproof to keep their items safe from any unexpected rainstorms. Sleeping bags are great for those nights spent under the stars – pick a lightweight option for easy transport wherever they go.

Hiking boots are essential for any outdoor adventure, especially if your teen is planning on trekking through rough terrain or trails with lots of elevation changes. Look for a pair that provides support and comfort while still being breathable in order to prevent any blisters or soreness during their trip.

If your tomboy teen loves spending time outdoors, why not get them some tools to help them make the most of their adventure? Get them a pocket knife so they can cut through branches and ropes easily; binoculars so they can spot wildlife from afar; a compass so they won’t get lost; and even an emergency whistle in case of emergencies.

No matter what kind of outdoor gift you choose to get your tomboy teen, make sure it’s something that will last them a long time and help them make the most of their adventures in the outdoors!

Gift Ideas for Sporty Teenage Tomboys

Shopping for teenage tomboys can be tricky, especially if they’re sporty. However, there is a wide variety of gifts that would make any sporty teenage tomboy happy. From stylish athletic apparel to new sports equipment, there are plenty of gifts to choose from that will make the perfect gift.

For the fashion-forward tomboy, stylish athletic apparel is always a great option. Look for items like tracksuits, colorful tanks or tees with empowering slogans, and high-performance leggings and shorts. Whether your teen likes to hit the gym or prefers an outdoor activity like running or biking, stylish athleticwear is sure to be a hit.

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For the active tomboy who loves playing sports and being outdoors, sports equipment can be the perfect gift. Choose from items such as a new soccer ball or basketball, skates or snowboard gear for winter activities, golf clubs for golfing enthusiasts, and more. As long as it’s something your teen loves doing—and you know they’ll use it—it’s sure to make a great gift!

Another great gift idea for sporty teenage tomboys is a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker can help them stay motivated by tracking their steps, activity levels, sleep patterns and more. A fitness tracker can also help them reach their goals with personalized insights and tips on how to improve their performance over time.

Finally, why not give your sporty teen something she can do in her spare time? Consider giving her tickets to an upcoming event such as a concert or sporting event that they love watching or participating in. Or you could buy them a book about sports that they’ll enjoy reading in their spare time. Whatever you decide on will surely be appreciated!

Gift Ideas for Tomboy Teens

Tomboy teens are often adventurous and independent, so finding the right gift for them can be a challenge. From practical items to creative activities, there are lots of great gifts that tomboy teens will love. Here are some ideas that will make any tomboy teen happy:

Sports Equipment: Tomboys often love being active and playing sports, so sports equipment is always a great idea. Give them a set of golf clubs or a new soccer ball – anything that helps them stay active is sure to be appreciated.

Outdoor Gear: Whether they’re camping, hiking, or just exploring the outdoors, giving them the right gear can help make their outdoor adventures more enjoyable. From sleeping bags and tents to backpacks and water bottles, there’s something for every tomboy teen.

DIY Projects: Tomboys often love getting their hands dirty with DIY projects. Give them the supplies they need to build something cool – from birdhouses and planters to furniture and sculpture. They’ll love seeing the fruits of their labor come to life.

Video Games: Video games can provide hours of entertainment for tomboy teens. Look for games that involve building or crafting items, as well as those that allow them to explore different worlds and characters. There’s something for every taste!

Art Supplies: For artistic tomboys, art supplies can be a great gift idea. Give them an easel and canvas or a set of paints and brushes – whatever they need to unleash their creative side!

No matter what you choose, any tomboy teen will appreciate your thoughtfulness when it comes to selecting a unique gift that reflects her interests and personality.

Practical Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Finding the perfect gift for a teenage tomboy can be tricky. Tomboys are known for their practicality, and finding something that will suit them can be difficult. But with a little thought and effort, you can find practical gifts that will make them happy. From clothing to outdoor activities, there are plenty of practical gifts that teenage tomboys would love.

Clothing is always a great option for a practical gift. Look for clothing items that are comfortable but still stylish. Athletic wear is perfect for teenage tomboys who love to stay active, while denim and other casual items are great for everyday wear. You can also look for accessories like jewelry and hats to go with any outfit.

Books are another great option for practical gifts. Look for books about adventure, sports or hobbies that your teenage tomboy may be interested in. They may even appreciate a book on how to do their favorite activity better or how to develop a new skill in it!

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Outdoor activities make great gifts too! For the adventurous tomboy in your life, consider buying them camping gear or tickets to an outdoor event they’d enjoy. You could also get them items like fishing rods or tennis rackets if they’re into those kinds of sports. Other fun ideas include water guns or slip-and-slides – anything that’s fun and encourages outdoor activity!

Finally, don’t forget about technology! If your teenage tomboy loves gadgets, look for something like a new phone case or computer accessories they’ll enjoy using every day. Gadgets and tech items make great gifts because they’re both practical and fun at the same time!

Finding the right gift can take some time and effort, but the reward will be worth it when you see your teenage tomboy enjoying their new present. With these tips in mind, you can find the perfect practical gift that will bring them lots of joy!

Gifts for Tomboy Teens Who Like to Create

Tomboys can be tricky to shop for, but they’re sure to love any of these creative gifts! Whether they’re into art, design, or even inventing, there’s something here for them. From a 3D printing pen to a craft kit, these gifts are sure to spark their imagination and creativity. Plus, they’re perfect for the teen who loves expressing themselves through art and design.

For the aspiring designer or engineer, a 3D printing pen is an amazing gift. This pen allows them to create 3D designs and objects with ease. They can draw in the air with this pen or even trace their favorite designs onto paper. Plus, it’s easy to use and comes with plenty of materials so they can start creating right away!

For the teen who loves crafts and making things with their hands, a craft kit is the perfect gift. This kit comes with all sorts of supplies such as beads, sequins, buttons, fabric scraps, ribbons and more. With this kit they’ll have everything they need to make unique jewelry pieces or other small projects. It’s also great for teens who want to experiment with different materials and techniques such as embroidery or weaving.

For teens who are interested in learning about electronics and robotics, a DIY robot kit is an awesome gift. This kit comes with all the components needed to build their own robotic companion such as motors, wheels and wires. They’ll be able to learn about electronics while having fun building their own robot! It’s also a great way for them to explore coding and programming as well as develop problem-solving skills.

No matter what type of creative gift you get your tomboy teen, it’s sure to put a smile on their face! These gifts are perfect for inspiring creativity and giving them something new to explore and create with. So if you’re looking for a special gift that your tomboy teen will love then look no further than these creative gifts!

Gifts for the Teenage Tomboy

Shopping for teenage girls can be a tricky endeavor, especially when the girl in question is a tomboy. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of great gifts for the teenage tomboy in your life! From practical to fun, these gifts will make sure she has everything she needs to express her unique style and personality.

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For the fashionista tomboy, consider an edgy wardrobe upgrade. Check out some of the trendiest items on the market like ripped jeans or flannel shirts. Add a pop of color with bright accessories like beanies and backpacks – anything that adds an extra touch of personality.

For the active tomboy, gear up her outdoor adventures with some cool sporting goods like camping tents and waterproof jackets. If she’s into skateboarding or BMX, give her something special like a new set of wheels or a new helmet. She’ll be stoked for sure!

For the tech-savvy tomboy, get her something geared towards her interests like a gaming console or computer software. Or maybe she’s into photography? Gift her with some new gear to up her game – from lenses to lighting equipment and more.

Finally, don’t forget about those little things that make life easier – think phone cases, portable speakers and headphones, or even just a new pair of shoes! Even if it seems small, any thoughtful gift will be appreciated by your teenage tomboy friend!

Gifts for Tomboy Teens Who Have Everything

Tomboy teens have extra special needs when it comes to gifts. They are usually interested in sporty, adventurous activities and items that don’t fit the traditional mold. Finding something for a tomboy teen who already has everything can be a challenge, but there are some great options out there.

Gift cards to outdoor adventures like rock climbing or zip lining can make great presents for the active tomboy teen. A subscription to a magazine full of tips and tricks for her hobbies or outdoor activities is also sure to be appreciated. An extra-durable water bottle for hydration on the go is another good option.

For the techie tomboy, consider getting her a new phone case or laptop sleeve with fun, sporty designs that reflect her personality. Noise-canceling headphones or an advanced gaming system would also be well-received. If your gift recipient loves gadgets, you could even get her a drone with a camera attached so she can take aerial shots of her favorite places to explore!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, look into personalized clothing items like hoodies, baseball caps, and t-shirts that feature her favorite sports teams or hobbies. A new set of hiking boots or camping gear could also come in handy during outdoor excursions. Gift cards to streaming services and online gaming sites are also great ideas for tech-savvy tomboys who already own all the latest gadgets!

No matter what kind of gift you choose for your tomboy teen who has everything, make sure it’s something that reflects their unique personality and interests!


Gifts for teenage tomboys need to be practical and something that fits their personality. Tomboys are often less interested in the ‘girly’ gifts that you would find on the high street, so you need to think outside the box when it comes to choosing gifts for them. A great way to do this is to look at what interests they have and find something related to those interests. From art supplies to sports gear, there are plenty of options available that will make a tomboy smile.

Above all else, keep in mind that tomboys do not like gimmicky or fake gifts. Aim for practicality and quality when it comes to buying gifts for teenage tomboys, and you can’t go wrong!

Ultimately, the best gift you can give a teenage tomboy is your time. Taking them out for a day of activities or just spending time together doing something they love are both excellent ways of showing them how much you care. By taking the time to get know your teen’s likes and dislikes, you will be able to find the perfect gift for them no matter what their gender.