graduation announcement etiquette

Graduation is a joyous occasion and an important milestone in one’s life. As such, there are certain etiquette rules to follow when it comes to announcing your graduation. It is important to show respect for your school, family, friends, and other individuals who have supported you throughout this process. When writing a graduation announcement, consider the audience you are addressing and the tone that best reflects the celebratory nature of this event. Additionally, be mindful of the language used and the information provided. Following proper etiquette will ensure that you share your good news in a manner that conveys your gratitude for all those who have helped you reach this achievement.When sending out graduation announcements, it is important to follow the etiquette guidelines in order to ensure that everyone receives them in a timely manner. It is important to send out the announcements at least four weeks before the graduate’s graduation ceremony so that everyone has enough time to plan for the event. Be sure to include all contact information on the announcement, including the graduate’s name, address, email address and phone number. Include a brief message about how proud you are of the graduate’s accomplishments and be sure to include an RSVP request. Finally, make sure to send each announcement in its own envelope with a postage stamp. Following these etiquette guidelines will help ensure that your announcement is received and appreciated by all of your guests.

Who to Send Graduation Announcements To

Graduation is such an important milestone, and you want to let everyone know that you are celebrating. You may be wondering who to send graduation announcements to. Graduation announcements can be sent out to family, friends, and even acquaintances. It’s a great way for those in your life to share in your accomplishment and help show your appreciation for the support they have provided throughout the years.

When sending out graduation announcements, start by making a list of all the people you would like to include. This should include family members, close friends, former teachers or mentors who have been influential in your life, and anyone else who has been a part of your journey. It’s also a good idea to include those who have supported you financially or emotionally throughout your education.

Once you have created your list of recipients, it’s time to get the announcements ready. Make sure that each announcement has all the necessary information such as date and time of graduation, school name, degree earned or certificate received and any other important details. If possible, include a picture of yourself so that people can see how much you’ve grown since they last saw you.

Don’t forget about etiquette when sending out graduation announcements! Include a stamped envelope with each announcement so that those receiving them can easily send back their congratulations or well wishes if they choose too. And make sure to mail them out at least two weeks before the ceremony so that people can plan accordingly if they want to attend.

Sending out graduation announcements is an important way for you to share your achievement with those closest to you and show how much their support throughout the years has meant to you. So take some time and create a comprehensive list of everyone who should receive one!

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When to Send Graduation Announcements

Graduation is a special time for students and their families. Whether you are graduating from high school, college, or a technical school, sending out graduation announcements is a great way to commemorate the occasion. When it comes to deciding when to send out these announcements, there are a few key things to consider.

The most important factor to consider is the timing of the ceremony itself. Graduation ceremonies usually take place in late spring or early summer, so you should send out your announcements several weeks before the ceremony. This will give your family and friends enough time to plan for travel if needed and will also ensure that they get their cards in time for the big day.

You should also consider how many people you plan on sending announcements to. If you have a large number of people that you want to send announcements to, then it may be best to order them several weeks in advance in order to ensure that they arrive on time. You should also account for any mailing delays that may occur during peak times like holidays or when there are inclement weather conditions.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is whether or not you want to include photos with your graduation announcement cards. If so, then it’s important that you order your cards several weeks in advance so that you can have enough time to take and print photos before sending them out.

Overall, deciding when to send out graduation announcements is an important decision that requires careful planning and consideration of various factors such as timing of the ceremony itself, how many people are being sent an announcement, and whether or not photos will be included with the cards. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your family and friends get their graduation announcement cards on time for this special occasion.

What to Include in a Graduation Announcement

Graduation is a special time of year for both students and family and friends. When it comes time to share the news, you want to make sure you include all the necessary information in your graduation announcement. Graduation announcements typically include the graduate’s name, school and program they graduated from, any academic honors or awards they received, and their plans for the future.

In addition to these basics, you can also include a quote or message of congratulations or advice from the graduate or another family member. If you are sending out physical announcements, you may also want to include a photo of the graduate in their cap and gown.

It is also important to make sure that all other pertinent information is included such as date and location of the ceremony, time of any related parties or receptions, and how to RSVP if necessary. If there will be an open house event after the ceremony, provide details on location, times and directions so that everyone can come help celebrate your accomplishment.

By making sure all details are included in your graduation announcement, everyone can be part of your special day and show their support for your success!

How to Address a Graduation Announcement

Graduation is a milestone in every student’s life and is usually celebrated with friends and family. To make sure everyone knows about your special day, you may want to send out graduation announcements. To ensure the announcements are properly addressed, follow these steps. First, determine who you would like to invite. If you plan on inviting immediate family members, use their titles such as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” followed by their surnames. If you plan on inviting extended family members, such as aunts and uncles, you can use their first names or their titles followed by their surnames. For friends, use the same format that you would for family members: either first names or titles followed by surnames.

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Next, decide what address should be used for each recipient. If someone is married, use both of their names but with the wife listed first in the address (e.g., “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”). If someone is living with someone else but not married (such as two college roommates), list both of the names separately (e.g., “John Smith and Mary Jones”). Finally, if you are sending an announcement to someone who lives alone (such as a single parent) simply list that person’s name without any additions (e.g., “John Smith”).

Once all of your recipients have been determined and addressed accordingly, it’s time to print out or purchase your graduation announcements! Make sure all of your information is correct before sending them out so that everyone knows exactly how to address your special day!

What to Wear in a Graduation Announcement Photo

Graduation is a special occasion and it’s important to take the time to commemorate it with a graduation announcement photo. You want to look your best for these photos, so choosing the right outfit is important. When deciding what to wear for your graduation announcement photo, there are several factors you should consider.

First, think about the formality of the photo. If you want a more formal look, then you should opt for an outfit that is dressy and professional. A nice pair of trousers or a skirt with a blouse or shirt is usually best for formal photos. You can also opt for more formal dresses in longer lengths and darker colors.

If you’re looking for something less formal, then you can be more creative with your outfit choices. You can choose from an array of colorful tops, dresses, and skirts that will still look professional and polished but are not as dressy as a suit or dressy dress.

It’s also important to choose colors that will complement your skin tone and hair color. Avoid clashing colors like white and black together as this can be too harsh on camera. Instead, opt for softer tones like pastels or earth tones that will look more flattering in photos.

Finally, make sure you are comfortable in whatever outfit you choose since this will show up on camera! Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or restrictive; instead wear clothes that fit properly and allow you to move easily so that you look natural in the photos.

By taking into consideration these factors when deciding what to wear for your graduation announcement photo, you can be sure that you’ll look great on camera and be able to commemorate this special occasion in style!

Planning and Timing

Proper planning and timing are essential when sending out graduation announcements. Start by researching when you need to order your announcements so that they arrive in time for your special day. You should also consider the amount of time it will take for your friends and family to receive and respond to your announcements. Sending them out too early or too late can be considered bad etiquette.


Before you send out any graduation announcements, make sure all the information is correct. Double check names, dates, addresses, and any other important information. This is especially important if you are ordering printed cards or invitations. Bad spelling or incorrect information can be embarrassing, so take the time to proofread before sending out anything.

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Including Photos

Many people choose to include a photo with their graduation announcement or invitation. If you decide to do this, make sure it is a good quality photo that reflects who you are as a person. Avoid using overly-edited photos or selfies that don’t truly represent who you are.

Personalizing Messages

Rather than using generic messages on your graduation announcement cards, try to personalize them for each individual recipient. This will show that you put thought into each card and demonstrate how much each person means to you.

Choosing Envelopes

If you are sending printed cards instead of digital ones, then make sure the envelopes match the color scheme and overall design of the card itself. Choose quality materials such as thicker paper or even vellum that will stand out from regular mail.

Expressing Gratitude

Finally, don’t forget to thank those who have helped you along the way during your educational journey. Let everyone know how much their support has meant to you and express how grateful you are for their help in achieving this milestone.

Returning Messages After Receiving a Graduation Announcement

Congratulations are in order for your recent graduation! It’s a momentous occasion that deserves all the acknowledgement and celebration it can get. It’s important to acknowledge this significant milestone with those closest to you, so returning messages after receiving the announcement is an important part of the process.

The best way to acknowledge this special event is by expressing your heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the graduate’s future endeavors. You can also take this opportunity to share funny memories or stories about the graduate. A kind word or two of wisdom can go a long way toward making them feel supported and appreciated.

It’s also a great opportunity to let them know that you are available and willing to help however you can. Offer your assistance with their job search, offer to provide references, or even just let them know that you’re there for moral support when needed. This will show them that you care and are willing to go above and beyond as they transition into their new life stage.

Your words of support will mean so much more if they come from someone who has seen the graduate grow over the years and is aware of all their hard work and dedication it took to get here. So don’t be afraid to take some time out of your day to reach out with some words of encouragement or advice, even if it’s just a few sentences in an email or text message!

At the end of the day, returning messages after receiving a graduation announcement is not only polite but also an important way of showing your support for someone’s special accomplishment. With just a few words, you can make all the difference in how they feel about this momentous occasion!


Graduation announcement etiquette is an important part of the graduation process. It helps ensure that all those involved in the celebration are informed of the event and are able to join in the festivities. It is important to personalize announcements and ensure they are sent out in a timely fashion. With thoughtful planning and respect for those invited, graduation announcement etiquette can help make this special occasion memorable and enjoyable for all involved.

Above all, it’s important to remember that graduation announcements should be sent out with joy and enthusiasm, celebrating your accomplishment and inviting friends and family to join in on the celebration. With proper etiquette, you can ensure that everyone feels included, making your graduation day a momentous occasion!