How to Make Money at Age 70

How to Make Money at Age 70 in 7 Creative Ways

If you have just attained 70 years of age, it’s time to celebrate your achievements, pop a bottle of wine and say goodbye to working in the conventional setting.

However, you might consider that 70 is your perfect time to make extra money on your terms while staying active and social. You may choose to supplement your retirement income or Social Security or to monetize a hobby or skill you have always wanted to try.

On the employers’ side, seniors can offer a substantial reserve of perspective, skills, and emotional intelligence. These are the things retirees can emphasize when searching for a job. As such, it means there are plenty of achievable ways to earn a decent income at retirement.

Here is how to make money at age 70 through various creative ways.

How to Make Money at Age 70

1. Customer service (retail or virtual)

If you enjoy speaking to people or have had a client-oriented role in your previous career, working as a customer service representative is a perfect way to earn extra money at age 70. You can choose to do it virtually or in a retail environment.

Customer service jobs are continuously in demand, especially during holidays, so you have plenty of opportunities.

You can search and apply for these kinds of jobs on websites such FlexJobs.

2. Become a gardener

As an avid gardener, gardening is a high-demand skill set among many professionals. You can help others maintain their lawns, gardens, trees, or fences. However, this is quite a physical job, so make sure you meet the applicable standard.

Depending on where you live, this work is usually seasonal. You can work for a community garden program, botanical gardens, or private clients. The point is, if you have natural talent and desire to work with plants, then this can be a perfect post-retirement job for you.

You can search for jobs as a part-time gardener on job sites such as indeed or Hortjobs.  

3. Sell items online

Selling online can be a fast, easy way to make some money at 70. You can sell items you already own and things you make in your own free time. This may include furniture, clothes, old jewelry, or even used cars.

You can join myriad “buy and sell” groups in your region on social media platforms, such as Facebook, list your items, and accept cash or a bank transfer.

Seventy years is a perfect time to explore your hobbies and talents. If you are artful and enjoy making portraits, pottery, or paintings, consider selling them online on.

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4. Become an animal caretaker

You can make extra money at 70 by indulging in your love for animals and pet care. These may include dog walking, pet sitting, or grooming when the owners are at work or have traveled for a vacation.

However, make sure the line of work fits your strength and fitness levels. Dog walking, for instance, requires strength and stamina, while grooming sometimes needs heavy lifting.

Other animal and pet care duties include feeding, watering, cleaning (cages, litter boxes, or kennels), and bathing. If you have owned a pet in the past, that counts as experience towards this kind of job. Clients want to see that you have a good track record, related experience, and reliable references.

You can post flyers with your details at animal rescues and shelters or local pet stores to market yourself. Also, there are plenty of pet-care job sites where you can create your profile, which includes:

  • Rover
  • PetSitter
  • Fetch

These sites offer a range of care services, such as childcare and senior care.

5. Temping

Temping is another excellent way to make some extra income at age 70. If you have experience and know-how, you can register at a temp agency in your area for short-term projects, seasonal jobs, or represent the employees on maternity leave or vacation.

Temp jobs vary, depending on the industry and the role you would be filling in for. If it’s general administrative work, your duties may include answering the phone, data entry, light research, or filing. You can join a temp agency or search for opportunities yourself on job boards like FlexJobs or sites particularly helping seniors such as Seniors4Hire.

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6. Share resources

People at age 70 and above travel a lot, touring the world or visiting their children and friends. If you live in a big city heavy in tourism or a vacation destination, you can rent out your house, extra rooms, or guesthouse to travelers on Airbnb.

In addition, you can make extra money by renting out your driveway using sharing sites. If you have a highly-coveted garage or extra storage space in your apartment, you can use online applications to rent out the space.

7. Tutoring and teaching

Due to the emergence of new technologies and the outbreak of COVID-19, virtual learning is increasing in demand day by day. If you enjoy teaching, this is worth considering at 70. You can teach English, Science, or Mathematics online.

Most websites require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, but having an ESL certificate can boost your chances of landing a well-paying job. Prior teaching experience is an added advantage, but it’s not mandatory.

Online tutoring is a great way to make money at 70 in the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in tutoring, you can sign up on the following websites:

Frequent Asked Questions on Making Money at Age 70

How Much Can I Earn at Age 70?

Once you have reached your full retirement age, there is no limit to how much you can earn while receiving pension and Social Security payments. Your full seniority is determined by the year you were born.

Where Should I Put My Money at Age 70?

If you are 70 years old, you should keep 30% of your portfolio in stocks. However, with most people living longer and longer, most financial professionals now recommend that the rule be closer to 110 or 120 minus your age (70).

What Should be My Average Net Worth at Age 70?

By 70 years, you should have not less than 20 times your annual expenses in savings or as shown in your overall assets. The higher your management expense ratio (MER) by 70, the better. For instance, if you spend $60,000 a year, you should have at least $1,200,000 in savings or net worth to live a comfortable retirement.

Is It Worth Retiring at Age 70?

You will get a higher monthly Social Security check when you wait until 70. Claiming Social Security before you attain full retirement age (FRA) will lead to a reduction in benefits as you will get 25% to 30% less than you would have received if you had waited. This reduction is permanent.

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