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OakPointe Senior Care is dedicated to providing quality senior care services in a safe and home-like environment. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge in the areas of gerontology, nursing, social work, and family therapy. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes independence, dignity, and respect for our residents. Our goal is to provide individualized care plans tailored to meet the specific needs of each resident. We understand that aging can be intimidating and therefore take a holistic approach to helping our clients with everything from daily activities to long-term planning. It is our hope that we can help make the senior years of life as comfortable, enjoyable, and full of purpose as possible.Oakpointe Senior Care is an assisted living facility located in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment that allows seniors to remain independent and maintain their quality of life. We strive to be the very best in senior care by providing quality services and amenities. Our staff consists of experienced caregivers who are committed to promoting the best possible care for our residents. The facility offers 24-hour nursing care with Registered Nurses on staff as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Specialized programs such as memory care and respite care are also available. Oakpointe Senior Care provides numerous amenities including a beauty salon/barber shop, private rooms and suites, an onsite chapel, and a variety of activities designed to keep our residents engaged and entertained.

About Oakpointe Senior Care Services

Oakpointe Senior Care Services offers a wide range of services to seniors and their families. We provide compassionate, comprehensive care tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. Our services include personalized care management, home health services, assisted living facilities, respite care, and more. We strive to help seniors maintain their independence and dignity while providing the highest level of quality care. Our staff is trained and experienced in dealing with the unique needs of seniors and will work closely with families to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Whether you or your loved one need short-term help or long-term assistance, we can provide the best care possible.

Care Management

Our care management team works with the senior and their family to create a customized plan that addresses both short-term and long-term needs. We understand that each situation is unique, so our team works hard to ensure that the right plan is created for each individual. Our goal is to ensure that seniors are able to maintain their independence while receiving the best possible care. We are dedicated to helping individuals remain safe in their homes for as long as possible while providing them with the support they need.

Home Health Services

At Oakpointe Senior Care Services, we understand that not everyone can stay at home 24/7. That’s why we offer home health services including non-medical assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and more. Our staff is experienced in working with seniors who may have mobility issues or other special needs and will work closely with you or your loved one to ensure all needs are met.

Assisted Living Facilities

For those who need more extensive help than home health services can provide, we offer assisted living facilities where individuals can receive 24/7 assistance from trained professionals in a safe and secure environment. Our facilities provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services as well as recreational activities such as music therapy or art classes designed specifically for seniors.

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Compassionate Care

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we believe that the highest quality of care for our residents is rooted in compassion. Our team of highly skilled and experienced nurses, aides, and therapists understand that each resident has unique needs and strive to provide individualized attention and support to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our staff works hard to foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect that allows our residents to feel comfortable and secure in their new home. From providing necessary medical care to helping with day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and more, we work hard to make sure our residents receive the best care possible.

Quality Services

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we are proud to offer a wide range of services designed specifically for seniors. We specialize in providing both short-term and long-term care for individuals who need assistance with activities of daily living or who require specialized medical services. Our team is committed to providing quality care that meets each resident’s unique needs. We offer a variety of services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, memory care services, social activities, nutrition counseling, spiritual counseling, and more – all designed to help our residents stay healthy and active.

Dedicated Team

The Oakpointe Senior Care team is dedicated to ensuring that every resident receives the highest quality of personalized care. We believe that communication between staff members is essential in order to provide the best possible experience for our residents. Our staff members work together as a cohesive unit to ensure that each resident’s needs are met in a timely manner. We also strive to develop relationships with family members so they can be kept informed about their loved one’s progress throughout their stay at Oakpointe Senior Care.

Oakpointe Senior Care Amenities

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we strive to provide our residents with a comfortable and secure home. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort and security so that our residents can focus on their health and well-being. We offer a variety of amenities to ensure that our residents have access to the best possible care.

We provide 24-hour nursing care and medical support, as well as pharmacy services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational activities. Our staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention and compassionate care for each resident’s individual needs. We also offer transportation services for doctor visits or other outings, meals prepared by our experienced chefs, and housekeeping services.

Our facility also offers a wide range of activities to keep our residents engaged and entertained. We have an on-site library with books, magazines, and newspapers; a movie theater; art classes; games; live music; exercise classes; walking paths; gardening opportunities; computer classes; cooking classes; and much more.

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we believe in providing the highest quality of care for our residents. We are committed to creating a supportive atmosphere where seniors can thrive in their later years while maintaining independence and dignity.

Oakpointe Senior Care Community

Oakpointe Senior Care Community is an assisted living and memory care center in the heart of San Diego, California. Our community provides a safe and secure environment for seniors to live in while receiving personalized care from our experienced staff. We offer a wide range of services from assisted living to skilled nursing, as well as activities and programs designed to engage and enrich the lives of our residents. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support for each individual we serve. At Oakpointe Senior Care Community, our mission is to provide the best possible experience for our residents and their families. We strive to create an environment that promotes independence, dignity, respect, and compassion for all those who call us home.

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At Oakpointe Senior Care Community, we understand that each individual has unique needs. That’s why we provide personalized care plans tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle. Our team will work with you to design a plan that includes social activities, health services, spiritual programs, recreation therapy, dietary counseling, transportation services, and more. Whether you are looking for traditional assisted living or specialized memory care services, Oakpointe Senior Care Community has something for everyone.

We also offer a variety of amenities designed to make life easier for our residents. Our facility features private suites with kitchenettes and bathrooms with walk-in showers; cozy common areas; an on-site beauty salon; housekeeping services; pet-friendly policies; outdoor patio areas; and much more. We also have highly trained medical personnel on staff 24 hours a day who are prepared to handle any medical issue that may arise during your stay with us.

At Oakpointe Senior Care Community we believe in providing quality care with a commitment to excellence that meets the needs of each resident in a safe and comfortable environment. Our goal is to ensure that every resident has the opportunity to age in place with dignity while enjoying all the amenities this community has to offer.

Oakpointe Senior Care Locations

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we strive to provide the best possible care to our senior residents. Our locations are designed to offer a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for seniors, including 24-hour care and assistance with activities of daily living. We also provide specialized services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our staff is experienced in providing compassionate care for seniors and creating a home-like atmosphere for them to enjoy their retirement years. Our locations are situated in various areas around the country and are easily accessible by car or public transportation. Whether you need short-term or long-term care, we have the right solution for you and your loved ones.

At each of our locations, we offer a wide range of amenities that cater to seniors’ needs. Our activity areas include an outdoor patio with seating areas, a library with books and magazines, game rooms with board games, TV lounge areas, an on-site beauty salon and much more. We also provide meals prepared by our talented chefs using fresh ingredients and served restaurant style in our dining room. All of our locations are wheelchair accessible with ramps at the front entrance and elevators available inside the building as well as ample parking spaces outside the facility.

Our staff is dedicated to providing quality care to each resident while respecting their individual needs and preferences. We strive to create an atmosphere that feels like home for each senior resident while providing support in activities that promote independence and personal growth. We understand that each senior has different needs when it comes to their living environment – this is why we offer flexible options tailored specifically for them.

At Oakpointe Senior Care, we believe in providing a secure environment where seniors can live comfortably while enjoying their golden years surrounded by friends old and new. With our wide range of services and amenities at various locations across the country, you can be sure that your loved one will be well taken care of in one of our senior care centers.

Oakpointe Senior Care Costs

When it comes to senior care, the costs can be substantial. However, with Oakpointe Senior Care, you can rest assured that you are getting quality care at a competitive price. Oakpointe Senior Care offers a wide range of services and amenities that are tailored to meet the needs of seniors. From 24-hour nursing care to recreational activities and social events, Oakpointe is committed to providing the best in senior living.

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Oakpointe Senior Care offers both short-term and long-term care options depending on the individual needs of their residents. Short-term care is typically for those who require only a few days or weeks of assistance while long-term care is ideal for those who need more extensive help over a longer period of time. The cost of short-term care varies depending on the type of services provided, but it generally ranges from $50-$200 per day. Long-term care costs can vary significantly depending on the level of care needed and can range from $1,500-$7,000 per month.

In addition to the cost of services, there are also some additional fees associated with Oakpointe Senior Care which include an initial assessment fee, an admission fee and monthly fees for activities such as laundry service and meals. These fees are designed to cover the cost of providing quality care for seniors at Oakpointe Senior Care and ensure that they receive the best possible experience while staying with them.

At Oakpointe Senior Care, they understand that the costs associated with senior living can be daunting for some families. For this reason, they offer several payment options to make sure their clients are able to pay for their services in a way that works best for them. They also offer discounts for seniors who qualify based on income or other criteria.

Oakpointe Senior Care is dedicated to providing quality care at reasonable prices so seniors can enjoy their golden years with peace of mind knowing that their needs will be taken care of in a comfortable environment. With flexible payment plans and discounts available, it’s easy to find a way to make senior living affordable at Oakpointe Senior Care.

Eligibility Requirements

Oakpointe Senior Care provides quality care for seniors in a safe and secure living environment. To be eligible for admission to Oakpointe Senior Care, applicants must meet certain criteria. The applicant must be 65 years of age or older and be able to live independently. Applicants must also demonstrate the willingness and ability to follow rules, regulations, and instructions given by staff.

In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, applicants must pass a criminal background check and provide proof of residence in the local area. Applicants will also need to have a current medical assessment from their doctor or healthcare provider that verifies their ability to live independently. A medical assessment must include information about any physical, mental, or cognitive disabilities that may affect the applicant’s ability to safely reside at Oakpointe Senior Care.

Oakpointe Senior Care is committed to providing quality care for its residents in a safe and secure environment. To ensure that all applicants meet the eligibility requirements, all applications are carefully reviewed by staff before an admission decision is made. If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements for Oakpointe Senior Care, please contact us directly for more information.


OakPointe Senior Care provides high-quality senior care services that are tailored to meet the needs of seniors and their families. The staff is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for the seniors in their care. The facility offers a variety of activities, amenities, and social opportunities for seniors to stay active and engaged. OakPointe Senior Care also provides access to expert medical advice and assistance with daily living tasks, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and more. By offering personalized care plans, OakPointe Senior Care ensures that every senior receives the highest quality of care possible.

In conclusion, OakPointe Senior Care is an excellent option for seniors looking for quality long-term care services. With its professional staff and comprehensive services, OakPointe can provide seniors with a safe and comfortable home environment that meets their individual needs.