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Senior Community Care of Michigan (SCCM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality health care services to seniors and disabled adults in Michigan. Established in 2001, SCCM focuses on improving the overall health and wellbeing of its members by addressing individual needs and providing access to community resources. SCCM partners with local hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, long-term care facilities and other organizations to deliver high-quality services that are tailored to the unique needs of each member. SCCM’s program offerings include primary care, preventive care, chronic disease management, behavioral health services, home health services, and more. Through its comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of older adults in Michigan, SCCM is committed to helping seniors live healthy and independent lives.Senior Community Care Services in Michigan is a program designed to help seniors and adults with disabilities to remain living in their homes and communities. Eligibility requirements for the program vary, but services provided include home health care, nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, personal care, homemaker assistance, respite care and adult day services. Financial eligibility for the program is based on an individual’s income and assets. Senior Community Care Services in Michigan also provides case management services and assistance with long-term care planning.

Benefits of Senior Community Care of Michigan

Senior Community Care of Michigan (SCCM) is a nonprofit organization that provides a range of senior care services to seniors in Michigan. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors by providing a variety of services that are tailored to meet their specific needs. Through their programs, SCCM helps seniors remain independent and safe while staying in their homes. They also provide access to health care, transportation, home maintenance and other services that can help seniors stay healthy and active.

The main benefit that SCCM provides is the ability for seniors to stay connected with family, friends, and other members of their community. By remaining engaged with their communities, seniors can build relationships with others and enjoy activities that they may not have access to otherwise. They can also receive assistance with day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, shopping, or transportation. This helps them remain independent while still receiving the help they need.

Another key benefit provided by SCCM is the connection between senior care staff and family members. Family members can be confident knowing that their loved one is being cared for by experienced professionals who understand the unique needs of each senior. SCCM staff members are also committed to helping families navigate through the elder care system so they can make informed decisions about their loved one’s health care needs.

Finally, SCCM offers a variety of educational programs for both seniors and family members alike. These programs provide important information about topics such as nutrition, physical activity, medication management, end-of-life planning, financial planning and more. These educational opportunities help families better understand how to best support their loved one’s health and well-being on an ongoing basis.

By providing access to resources such as home maintenance services, transportation assistance and educational programs, Senior Community Care of Michigan helps seniors remain independent while still receiving the help they need from family members and professional staff members. Through these services and programs SCCM strives to improve the quality life for all individuals in Michigan’s senior community.

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Eligibility Requirements for Senior Community Care of Michigan

Senior Community Care of Michigan (SCCM) is a program designed to provide health care services to seniors who are eligible. In order to be eligible for SCCM, individuals must meet certain criteria. The eligibility requirements include being at least 65 years of age, having a Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, and meeting the income and resource limits set by the program. Additionally, individuals must be residents of Michigan to be eligible for the program.

To determine eligibility, SCCM requires applicants to provide information about their income and assets, including Social Security benefits, pensions, investments, savings accounts, and other sources of income. In addition to providing information about income and resources, applicants must also provide proof of identity and residency in Michigan. Once all required information has been provided and verified by SCCM staff members, an eligibility determination will be made.

Once an individual has been determined eligible for SCCM services, they will receive an enrollment packet that outlines the types of services available through the program. These services include home-based care coordination services provided by registered nurses; home health aides; case management; transportation assistance; personal care assistance; nutrition counseling; mental health counseling; medical equipment rental; durable medical equipment repair; prescription drug coverage; in-home respite care and more.

SCCM also offers a variety of educational programs that are designed to help seniors learn how to manage their own health care needs at home. These educational programs include workshops on topics such as medication management, nutrition education, fall prevention strategies and more. Through these educational programs, seniors can gain valuable information that can help them remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Senior Community Care of Michigan or determining if they are eligible for the program’s services, it is important to contact your local Area Agency on Aging or visit the website at for additional information or assistance with the eligibility process.

Applying for Senior Community Care Services

Senior Community Care Services in Michigan provide assistance to seniors who are in need of help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. If you or a loved one in Michigan require assistance with these activities, you may be eligible to receive senior community care services. To apply for senior community care services in Michigan, follow these steps:

1. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Each AAA in Michigan has its own eligibility requirements and application process. You can find the phone number and website for your local AAA by visiting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website.

2. Gather the required documentation. Depending on the program you are applying for, you may need to provide personal information such as medical records, income tax returns, and proof of citizenship or legal residency status.

3. Complete the application form. Depending on the program you are applying for, you may be required to complete an application form or attend an orientation session prior to submitting your application.

4. Submit your application and supporting documents. Your local AAA will review your application and determine whether or not you are eligible for services. Once approved, they will contact you with further instructions.

By following these steps, you can apply for senior community care services in Michigan and get the help you need to live independently at home or in an assisted living facility.

Types of Services Offered by Senior Community Care of Michigan

Senior Community Care of Michigan (SCCM) provides a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of older adults and their families. The organization offers a variety of programs and services ranging from home-based care to community-based supportive services. Home-based care includes services such as in-home nursing, home health aides, and transportation. These services help seniors remain safe at home while providing them with the necessary support they need. Community-based supportive services include activities like adult day care, respite care, meal delivery, and recreational activities. SCCM also offers educational programs that provide resources to help seniors manage their health, remain socially active, and learn new skills. In addition to these programs, SCCM also offers assistance with housing options for seniors who need assistance with their home environment or require specialized living accommodations. All SCCM services are designed to ensure seniors can maintain an independent lifestyle while receiving the necessary support they need.

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Senior Community Care of Michigan

Senior Community Care of Michigan provides a variety of resources and programs to help seniors in the state. These include home- and community-based services, respite care, elder rights advocacy, and information on Medicare and Medicaid. The organization also provides educational opportunities to help seniors learn about the various services available to them and how to access them. Additionally, Senior Community Care of Michigan offers resources for families and caregivers, such as support groups and respite care.

Home- and community-based services are designed to help seniors stay in their own homes or in other senior living facilities. These services include personal care assistance, homemaking services, transportation assistance, home health aides, adult day care programs, meals on wheels programs, adult protective services, home repairs or modifications, assistive technology devices, and health assessments.

Respite care is available for those who need temporary relief from caring for a loved one with a disability or chronic illness. This service can provide relief for up to 30 days per year in order to give the caregiver time away from their duties.

The organization also provides information on elder rights advocacy through its “Elder Rights Hotline” which is staffed by trained professionals who can provide legal advice when needed. They can also provide referrals to local agencies that specialize in helping seniors with their rights issues.

Finally, Senior Community Care of Michigan offers educational opportunities on topics related to Medicare/Medicaid coverage options and other senior health benefits. Through these educational sessions they strive to empower seniors so that they may make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

Cost and Payment Options for Senior Community Care of Michigan

Senior Community Care of Michigan (SCCM) is an agency that offers in-home care services to seniors. SCCM offers a variety of services, including skilled nursing, physical therapy, personal care, housekeeping, respite care, and more. All of these services are provided at an affordable cost, and SCCM also offers payment plans and other assistance to make sure that all seniors can access the care they need.

SCCM charges a base rate for all services which varies depending on the type of service needed and the length of time for which it is needed. In addition to this base rate, SCCM may charge extra fees for certain types of services or supplies. For example, there may be a fee for durable medical equipment or medication administration. It is important to note that these fees are not covered by any insurance plans.

SCCM accepts many different forms of payment for their services, including private pay, Medicaid/Medicare, long-term care insurance policies, Veterans’ benefits (VA), private insurance plans (PPO), and sliding scale fees based on income level. For those who are unable to pay out-of-pocket for their care needs or do not have insurance coverage, SCCM works with various local organizations to provide financial assistance programs such as Medicaid Waivers or Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefits.

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SCCM also works with individuals to create payment plans that best suit their individual needs and budget constraints. These payment plans can be customized to meet the specific needs of each individual client and often involve setting up an automatic payment schedule that can be easily managed by the client or their family members.

Overall, SCCM provides quality in-home care at an affordable cost while also offering multiple payment options so that seniors can access the care they need without having to worry about financial burdens. If you have any questions about costs or payment options for SCCM services contact them directly for more information.

Choosing the Right Provider for Senior Community Care Services in Michigan

When it comes to choosing the right provider of senior community care services in Michigan, there are a variety of factors to consider. From cost and quality of care to location and availability, it’s important to research your options carefully. Knowing what questions to ask can help ensure that you make the best decision for your loved one.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the provider offers quality care. Ask about their experience with working with seniors and inquire about their qualifications and training. Make sure that they have a good understanding of your loved one’s needs and can provide appropriate care. Additionally, inquire about any additional services they offer such as counseling or home health aides.

It’s also important to consider cost when choosing a senior community care provider. Ask about their rates for services as well as any additional fees that may apply, such as travel or transportation costs. Additionally, inquire about any financial assistance programs that may be available through Medicare or Medicaid, which can help cover some of the costs associated with senior community care services in Michigan.

Another factor to consider is location. It’s important to make sure that the provider is easily accessible for your loved one and their family members if needed. If the facility is too far away from family members, it could create additional stress on both parties involved. Additionally, ask if they offer any transportation services so your loved one can get around easily if needed.

Finally, make sure that the provider has availability when you need it most. Ask if they offer extended hours or emergency services if needed so you know your loved one will always be taken care of no matter what time it is. Additionally, inquire about any policies in place regarding holidays or other special events so you know what kind of support is available during those times as well.

Choosing the right provider for senior community care services in Michigan doesn’t have to be difficult – just do your research and ask plenty of questions! By taking the time to explore all your options thoroughly, you can ensure that you make the best decision possible for your loved one’s health and wellbeing.


Senior Community Care of Michigan is dedicated to providing vital services that help seniors remain independent, active, and involved in their communities. Through the comprehensive range of services offered, seniors have access to the highest quality of care and support. The organization also provides a variety of social activities and programs that enable seniors to stay engaged with their peers and communities. Senior Community Care of Michigan is an invaluable resource for seniors who want to remain self-sufficient while having access to the resources they need.

The organization has earned praise from both professionals and individuals alike for its commitment to helping seniors maintain their independence. With its wide array of services and programs, Senior Community Care of Michigan is a valuable asset for older adults throughout the state. By offering a comprehensive range of services designed to improve quality of life and promote independence, Senior Community Care of Michigan is helping seniors stay connected with their communities while remaining independent.