What to Get Seniors for Senior Night

What to Get Seniors for Senior Night-8 Thoughtful Gifts

Senior night is a memorable and essential senior tradition for high school or college athletes and their families. It celebrates the end of years of hard work and commitment and recognizes each player’s contribution to the team or program. The occasion also celebrates the athletic achievements of the seniors and acknowledges the support of their family members and friends.

Senior night is often held at the final match or game of the season. Players are called out individually and enter the stadium or walk onto the court or field accompanied by their family and friends

But with fall sports coming to an end, trying to celebrate with all your senior loved ones can be overwhelming. So, how can you make your beloved senior feel special and loved on this once-in-a-lifetime night? Here’s what to get seniors for senior night.

What to Get Seniors for Senior Night

1. Photo Collage

Photo collages are great for both recognition and as a gift. Collage senior gifts are handmade with love, so you can be sure that they will make your loved one smile. Whether it’s senior poster ideas or photo collage numbers, you can be guaranteed that your senior will love their senior night gift.

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You can also get innovative and make your own collage on wood with wooded letters and numbers. To create your collage, you can choose one of these three options:

  1. Electronic online option: You can use online sites such as the Span Fish, Walgreens, or Costco Photo Center to make your collage. Use the photos already on your PC or upload new ones.
  2. Manual option: Start with a horizontal sheet of paper (11 x 17) or two pieces of 8.5 x 11 taped together. Then, secure photos to the paper with scrapbook adhesive or a double-sided table. Laminate your collage to prevent it from getting damaged during transportation.
  3. Digital print: You can make a collage using PowerPoint or a similar program or export it as PDF or JPEG. Once you have created one, upload it somewhere to print like FedEx or Costco.   

2. Wear

Custom sports boxer shorts promoting the school color or team are fun to add to senior night celebrations.

Most schools give boxer shorts such as bingo to appreciate their players winning a senior night game. Boxer shorts are not just for men. Male and female teens enjoy them outside of other garments just for kicks. Sports boxer shorts are available online at any sports supply store.

You can also get your senior a T-shirt personalized with school logos, student names, or jersey numbers. Jackets, socks, shoelaces, and customized warm-up wear also prepare seniors for any sports occasion.

3. Gear

Sports bags, water bottles, book covers, backpacks, or sun visors are easily customized for senior night. Gear can be designed with a picture of the school mascot, the graduating senior year’s specific motto, or the school color while promoting the football or volleyball sports.

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Gears are fantastic gifts for senior night, allowing students to celebrate these gifts not only for the senior night but beyond.

4. Senior Sashes

Depending on the sport, sashes are also excellent gifts for senior night. There are plenty of generic options available online, including Class of 2022 Senior Sash. Or, if you are looking for custom sashes, you can try brands such as Triple O Bows.

5. Ribbon Leis

Ribbon leis are an alternative to sashes. Ribbons are usually woven together to create a lei and come in different sizes and colors, including one representing your senior sport.

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6. Flare

Seniors love flare with any special event. As a gift for your senior, you can include customized volleyball or football buttons, bracelets, key chains, pins, or any sport senior night tassels to hang from a rear-view mirror. Additional flare gifts include cell phone covers, charms, whistle lanyards, earrings, and license plate frames promoting the sport and the senior night.   

7. Ball Roses

Ball roses are an excellent gift for family members on a senior night to thank them for their support. Most online stores offer roses for volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, as well as corsages and Sport bud boutonnieres.

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8. Senior Crowns

Senior crowns have gained popularity in recent years and are becoming great gifts for senior night. Have the first- and second-year students on the team decolorate a cardboard crown for each senior. You can also get a handful of crowns, such as White card stock crowns in bulk from online stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Nights

Do Parents Give Gifts on a Senior Night?

Parents can bring flowers, balloon bouquets, or any gift and present it to their seniors. As a parent, you should learn about your beloved senior and gift them something symbolic of their team and something of individual interest to them.

What Happens at Senior Night?

Most high schools and colleges usually hold a senior night to honor the senior players of a sports team or program. During a senior night, players are called out individually and enter the stadium or walk onto the court or field accompanied by their families. However, this depends on the sport and the coach.

What Should Parents Wear on Senior Night?

Parent dressing for senior night varies. They may dress in lovely dresses/blouses, black or white casual attire, or something that will complement and match the senior uniforms.

What Do You Give Football Players for Senior Night?

Flowers. It’s customary for the senior football players to receive a small bouquet of flowers on senior day/night as they walk to the court or field. Most schools also honor family members with boutonnieres or corsages.

Hopefully, your team will win their match on a senior night, and the families, players, and friends are ready to continue with the festivity.

Consider a short, half to a one-hour after-party with a cake and refreshments, where seniors, their families, and the team can join and celebrate each other on a more personal level.

At a volleyball senior night after-party, the first- and second-year students may present the seniors with scrapbooks, notes, or memories of their team years. This can help create a sentimental feeling, and it is a great way to wrap up a senior night.

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