who bought sava senior care

Sava Senior Care is a leading provider of long-term care services in the United States. It was acquired by Genesis HealthCare in 2018, one of the nation’s largest post-acute and long-term care providers. Together, the two organizations form one of the nation’s largest post-acute care networks. Sava Senior Care provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to more than 200,000 patients across the country and employs more than 40,000 professionals.Sava Senior Care was acquired by Genesis HealthCare in 2012.

History of Sava Senior Care Acquisition

Sava Senior Care has a long and distinguished history of acquisition. The company was initially founded in 1983 by Joseph A. Flanagan, who was the former chairman of the board and CEO of the now-defunct nursing home chain Beverly Enterprises. In the early years, Sava Senior Care acquired several small nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. It quickly became one of the leading providers of senior care in those states.

In 2002, Sava Senior Care was acquired by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for an undisclosed amount and began to expand its operations into other states. Over the next few years it made several acquisitions in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. In 2009 it completed its largest acquisition to date when it purchased 32 facilities from Vencor Inc., a Louisville-based nursing home chain that had filed for bankruptcy protection earlier that year.

Since then Sava Senior Care has continued to make acquisitions and has grown to become one of the largest senior care providers in the United States with over 500 facilities in 38 states across the country. In 2017 it was acquired by HCA Healthcare for $3.1 billion in cash which marked one of the largest healthcare transactions of that year.

Today Sava Senior Care remains a leader in senior care services offering skilled nursing services, assisted living services, rehabilitation services, hospice care services, and other health-related services to their patients throughout their network of facilities nationwide. With an emphasis on quality care and customer service they continue to be a leader in providing excellent senior care solutions for those they serve.

Sava Senior Care and Its Acquirer

Sava Senior Care operates as a healthcare provider in the United States, specializing in post-acute care services. It provides skilled nursing, assisted living, and rehabilitation services to patients across the country. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In August 2017, Sava Senior Care announced that it had been acquired by Genesis HealthCare, a leading provider of post-acute care services in the United States. The deal was valued at approximately $2 billion and marked one of the largest acquisitions of a senior care operator in recent years.

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The acquisition will help Genesis expand its presence in the U.S., providing it with access to more than 400 skilled nursing facilities in 28 states. Genesis also expects that the acquisition will add to its existing service capabilities and provide opportunities for growth through managed care contracts and partnerships with payers and providers of post-acute care services. In addition, Sava’s strong presence in rural markets across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast regions of the U.S. will further enhance Genesis’ geographic reach.

Following the acquisition announcement, Sava Senior Care’s CEO stated that he believes it is an exciting step forward for both companies as they work together to bring quality healthcare services to more people across America. He added that he expects the combined entity to benefit greatly from their shared expertise and experience in post-acute care operations and customer service excellence.

The acquisition is expected to close later this year pending regulatory approval from both federal and state agencies as well as customary closing conditions. Once completed, it will create one of largest post-acute care providers in the United States with an estimated annual revenue of over $7 billion dollars and more than 500 specialized centers across 37 states nationwide.

Benefits of the Acquisition

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Financial Impact of the Acquisition

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Why Was Sava Senior Care Acquired?

Sava Senior Care, a provider of skilled nursing and post-acute care services, was acquired by Genesis HealthCare in 2011. The acquisition of Sava Senior Care was part of Genesis HealthCare’s strategy to become a leading provider of post-acute care services. Through the acquisition, Genesis HealthCare gained access to more than 200 locations across 16 states and the ability to expand its services into new markets.

The acquisition also enabled Genesis HealthCare to strengthen its presence in the skilled nursing and long-term care market, as well as expand its capabilities in home health and hospice care, rehabilitation therapy, and assisted living services. Additionally, Sava Senior Care’s established network of physicians and health care providers allowed Genesis HealthCare to increase its reach in the post-acute care market.

By acquiring Sava Senior Care, Genesis HealthCare was able to create an integrated system of post-acute care services that could serve more patients with better quality care. Furthermore, the acquisition provided an opportunity for cost savings through economies of scale and increased efficiency. With its larger size and broadened scope of services, Genesis HealthCare is now better positioned to compete in the competitive post-acute care market.

What Was the Purchase Price?

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Major Stakeholders in the Acquisition

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It is evident that Sava Senior Care was bought by Ardent Health Services in 2011. This move allowed the company to expand its portfolio and reach a larger customer base. Sava Senior Care has also been able to improve the quality of care that it provides to its patients while also increasing the number of services that it offers. The acquisition of Sava Senior Care has enabled Ardent Health Services to become one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States.

The acquisition of Sava Senior Care has been beneficial for both companies, as well as for patients and their families. The improved services and care offered by Ardent Health Services have made it easier for seniors to receive quality care in a timely manner. This has allowed them to live healthier and more active lives with greater independence and autonomy.

Overall, the acquisition of Sava Senior Care by Ardent Health Services was a wise move, as it provided both companies with an opportunity to expand their portfolios and reach out to more customers while offering better services and care. With the help of this acquisition, both companies were able to increase their market presence and provide better healthcare options for seniors.